Suspension_Policy Re: [uf-discuss] [admin] Notice of community ban

Ernest Prabhakar ernest.prabhakar at
Fri Oct 19 10:53:02 PDT 2007

Hi Tantek,

On Oct 18, 2007, at 9:15 PM, Tantek Çelik wrote:
> I will personally commit to (as I think the other admins will,  
> though I am
> not speaking for them) improving the documentation of who the admins  
> are,
> and the minimal processes that the admins follow, because, one of our
> objectives is to keep the process/admin/overhead down to a minimum  
> both for
> the admins and the community as a whole.

Thanks, Tantek. I've started a "stub" on this topic on the governance  

Hopefully you and the other admins can expand on it as needed.  If  
others have specific questions, I encourage you to post them on  
governance-issues page:

-- Ernie "Not an Admin, just a Concerned Citizen" Prabhakar

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