[uf-discuss] OBJECT include pattern and excess HTTP requests

ryan ryan at theryanking.com
Thu Oct 25 13:40:32 PDT 2007

On Oct 9, 2007, at 4:37 AM, Duncan Cragg wrote:
> PS It's then just a small step to allow off-page includes, which is
> related to the interlinked hCards on different sites that I was
> talking about recently on this list.  If anyone can come up with more
> real-world use-cases for this type of cross-site uF linkage, I'd be
> most grateful.  Looking further ahead (wrong list for that, I know)
> I'd see good mashup opportunities from allowing more uF
> interlinkage...    =0)

I'm unconvinced that cross-page/site inclusion would be useful for  
microformats. There are already several ways for microformats to  
refer to related information at other places on the Web.

Why should microformats be interlinked from the perspective of a  
microformat parser, but not from the perspective of a user browsing  
to the page?

Doing so would constitute hidden metadata (it's off on another page  
somewhere). The current methods work and align with user's views of  
the world, because the information is already on the page, and the  
relationship is well understood by the reader. In other (fewer)  
words, the current include pattern is based on current publishing  


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