[uf-discuss] OBJECT include pattern and excess HTTP requests

Duncan Cragg uf-discuss at cilux.org
Tue Oct 30 03:16:53 PST 2007

On 10/25/07, ryan <ryan at theryanking.com> wrote:
> On Oct 9, 2007, at 4:37 AM, Duncan Cragg wrote:
> > PS It's then just a small step to allow off-page includes, which is
> > related to the interlinked hCards on different sites that I was
> > talking about recently on this list.  If anyone can come up with more
> > real-world use-cases for this type of cross-site uF linkage, I'd be
> > most grateful.  Looking further ahead (wrong list for that, I know)
> > I'd see good mashup opportunities from allowing more uF
> > interlinkage...    =0)
> I'm unconvinced that cross-page/site inclusion would be useful for
> microformats. ..

Hi Ryan! Thanks for replying.

Would it be possible for you to take on the points in the subsequent
email from me, rather than this, earlier, 'PS'? Here's a link:


This post elaborates quite a bit on the linked-uF concept.

All that follows on from the thread before where I raised the point
about you (Ryan) having to maintain two hCards:


[ In the interests of full disclosure, I subsequently took some
'off-charter' linked-uFs-in-JSON ideas over to the uf-dev list:


Cheers! Much appreciated.    :-)


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