[uf-discuss] Monkeyformats - adding microformats to third-party web sites with GreaseMonkey

Albert de Klein adeklein at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 14:42:46 PST 2008

Hi All,

For a Dutch online magazine for web workers I've written an article
(http://naarvoren.nl/artikel/monkeyformats/) in which I explain how
you can add microformats to third-party web sites with GreaseMonkey.
These client-side microformats work well with the Operator add-on and
let you do microformatish things with websites that do not yet support
microformats but might prove very useful as microformat examples. In
the Netherlands microformat adoptation by popular sites hasn't gained
momentum yet as it has in US.

I've put up some example GreaseMonkey scripts on the Userscripts.org
repository with the tag monkeyformats
(http://userscripts.org/tags/monkeyformats) to make them easily

Do any of you know any popular English sites that lack microformats
but might be great microformat examples that could be added to the
monkeyformat collection?

Albert de Klein

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