[uf-discuss] Monkeyformats - adding microformats to third-party web sites with GreaseMonkey

Thom Shannon thom at ts0.com
Wed Apr 2 15:12:07 PST 2008

Here's my contribution!

Microformat marked up BT directory searches.

Should only have taken me 5 mins but thanks to the crappiness and 
inconsistencies of BT it took all evening! I mean why does one search 
type say Tel: and the other Telephone: !?!?


Albert de Klein wrote:
> Hi All,
> For a Dutch online magazine for web workers I've written an article
> (http://naarvoren.nl/artikel/monkeyformats/) in which I explain how
> you can add microformats to third-party web sites with GreaseMonkey.
> These client-side microformats work well with the Operator add-on and
> let you do microformatish things with websites that do not yet support
> microformats but might prove very useful as microformat examples. In
> the Netherlands microformat adoptation by popular sites hasn't gained
> momentum yet as it has in US.
> I've put up some example GreaseMonkey scripts on the Userscripts.org
> repository with the tag monkeyformats
> (http://userscripts.org/tags/monkeyformats) to make them easily
> retrievable.
> Do any of you know any popular English sites that lack microformats
> but might be great microformat examples that could be added to the
> monkeyformat collection?
> Regards,
> Albert de Klein
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