[uf-discuss] testers wanted, hCard to bluetooth on windows

Thom Shannon thom at ts0.com
Fri Apr 4 01:22:37 PST 2008


I've modified the Mac only bluetooth user script for operator to work on 
windows. It's based on the script on Mike Kaply's site (does anyone know 
who wrote that? Was it Mike?)

It requires the Widcomm bluetooth drivers (they're the most common, if 
you have c:\Program Files\WIDCOMM then you're good to go).


I've tested it successfully on my Win XP machine to a Nokia 6230 and a 
Qtek S200 Win Mobile phone (aka SPV M600).

A friend tested it on a newer Nokia, it received the file but failed to 
recognise it as a vcard to import. I've yet to find a way to use the 
bluetooth business card service, so I'm sending it just as a file 
transfer and relying on the device importing it. It'll probably require 
an XPCOM to use the Widcomm API, but this script should work as well as 
it's Mac counterpart.

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