[uf-discuss] jCard draft

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Fri Apr 4 03:08:48 PST 2008

On 4 Apr 2008, at 01:23, Gordon Oheim wrote:

> I have added a preliminary draft for a possible jCard specification  
> to the wiki at http://microformats.org/wiki/jcard.
> The content is based on what I read from the discussion list so far.  
> The intention was to have a reference for further discussion and for  
> solidifying a candidate for a jCard standard.


This is great work, and it's something that I found a number of  
developers asking about during South By South West. I think it was  
Glenn Jones suggesting that we're now at a point with parser maturity  
that some thought needs to be given to having interoperable JSON  

I have two points of initial followup, one with my admin hat on, the  
other without.

1. ADMIN: This discussion should probably take place on the  
microformats-dev mailing list, rather than -discuss. It should come to  
the attention of all parser developers that way, and hopefully stay  
focused on this very parser-centric work. I've cross posted this  
thread to microformats-dev at microformats.org; please continue the  
development discussion there.

2. In my view: I'm totally supportive and in favour of this work, I  
think ‘jCard’ is a bad name for it; I think this work would be better  
presented connected to the hCard specification itself — and future  
equivalents for the other microformats too. Whether that end up as an  
‘Object Model’ section of the relevant specs, or new documents (e.g.  
hcard-object-model). It doesn't need it's own, separate format name;  
it's really further specifying hcard itself.

What's more, whilst JSON is the obvious driver technology for this  
work, I think it would make more sense to produce an implementation- 
agnostic Object Model that would work in JSON, XML, YML or whatever  
other transport people might want to implement for. I think it's  
unlikely we'd want to specify ‘jCard’, ‘xCard’, ‘yCard’ and so on…)

> Please forgive my poor wiki editing skills and feel free to add to  
> the page.

The page is off to a great start! Keep it up.



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