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gareth rushgrove gareth at morethanseven.net
Thu Apr 10 06:44:12 PDT 2008

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 1:45 PM, Toby A Inkster <mail at tobyinkster.co.uk> wrote:
> Michael MD wrote:
>  > There are still lots of people stuck with php4 on shared servers ...
>  I suspect that won't be the case much longer after security updates for
>  PHP4 are discontinued in August.
>  > What did they expect? ... changing a language in ways that breaks
>  > existing code is hardly the way to encourage people to upgrade to a new
>  > version!
>  There are virtually no changes in PHP5 that break existing PHP4 code.

But their are new parts in PHP5 that if you use will render your code
incompatible with PHP4 - in hKits case the use of SimpleXML. Although
I agree PHP4 support wouldn't interest me.

Drew releases hKit under an open source licence. I'd recommend joining
the mailing list and checking out the source if you fancy.


With regards microformat support, their are actually a few profiles
floating around for hKit as well as hcard, although they are scattered
around the web. If I get a chance I'll see if I can get a list
together somewhere - although Drew may already have one.


>  Some things like register_globals and auto-escaping of incoming variables
>  are turned off by default in PHP5 (they were on by default in PHP 4.0
>  IIRC) but can be switched on in php.ini or a .htaccess file in a matter of
>  seconds.
>  PHP6 will be a more painful switch for those with legacy code. (But still
>  fairly painless for those updating from PHP5-style code.)
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