[uf-discuss] multiple hCards on a user's profile page - how can I mark one as the actual user?

Micah Wedemeyer micah at aisleten.com
Mon Apr 14 07:04:11 PDT 2008

I'm adding hCard and XFN to my tabletop RPG site,

Every user has a profile page and a list of friends.  Following some of
the guides I've seen, I've added hCard information for the user's
profile, plus hCard+XFN for the friends list.  Since it was so easy, I
went hog-wild and started adding hCards everywhere a user's avatar was
displayed.  So, every comment, every recent-update, you-name-it.

(Note: It's not there as of 2008-04-18 because I haven't deployed the
code to the live server yet.  Still some bugs...)

Now the problem I'm dealing with is that I have possibly dozens of
hCards on the profile page (user + friends + recent updates + comments).
 If a spider finds the page and looks for hCards, there is no (easy) way
to tell that the profile belongs to user A and not A's friends.  To
combat that, I've added a self-referential link with a rel="me" on it.
It looks like this:

<a href="http://www.obsidianportal.com/profile/micah" class="url uid"
rel="me"><span class="fn">Micah</span></a>

(Note: view e-mail source if the previous text doesn't display an entire

Still, this uses XFN which is outside the realm of hCard and that seems
a little iffy to me.

Am I missing something?  Has anyone else dealt with this problem?  I
noticed that LiveJournal only has an hCard for the actual user on their
profile page, and uses XFN without hCard for the friends.  Is this a
better idea?


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