[uf-discuss] multiple hCards on a user's profile page - how can I mark one as the actual user?

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 09:22:37 PDT 2008

Brian Suda wrote:

> there is a wiki page somewhere (which i can't find at the moment),
> but there are a few options. HTML has the <address> element to
> describe the contact info of the page owner.

No - <address> provides contact information for the page. The owner  
of the page and the correct person to contact regarding the page may  
well differ. The page that you're thinking of is the representative- 
hcard page, which addresses (no pun intended) this very issue amongst  

Also perhaps relevant is the page I threw together over the weekend  
on mapping XFN to FOAF, which covers more than just FOAF really: it's  
a general purpose guide on how to interpret the interactions between  
different hCards and XFN on the same page. Not so much from an page  
authoring perspective, but rather from a parser development point of  
view, to make sure that people writing parsers don't misinterpret  
pages like the ones described in this thread.


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