Download NNW 3.1 while you still can (was Re: [uf-discuss] NetNewsWire ditches support for microformats)

Tantek Celik tantek at
Sun Aug 17 13:12:28 PDT 2008

Ben Ward wrote:

>I'm also a long time NNW user, and haven't seen the Microformats UI in  
over a year.

I see it every time Jeremy Keith posts. You may find some in my infrequent blog posts also.

That being said I agree we need to encourage simpler blog post authoring interfaces that enable and encourage more semantic publishing.

Please contribute tips, suggestions, wants to the CMSs of your choice:

For now, I recommend everyone download NNW v3.1 (with microformats support) while it is still available.

I've add NNW 3.2 to my own personal warning page:


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