[uf-discuss] hatom tumblr theme

James Tindall james at atomless.com
Mon Dec 15 04:45:02 PST 2008

Thanks to all for the parser links! - all are now listed on the post 
about extraction: 

Martin McEvoy wrote:
> Toby A Inkster wrote:
>> Me too!
> Of course, the more the merrier :-D
>> http://srv.buzzword.org.uk/atom/microformats.tumblr.com/
>> http://srv.buzzword.org.uk/icalendar/microformats.tumblr.com/
>> http://srv.buzzword.org.uk/vcard/microformats.tumblr.com/
>> Note that the vCard output contains many different James Tindalls. If 
>> you gave all your hCards the same "uid" it would (using the most 
>> technical language possible...) "glue them together" and the vCard 
>> output would just contain one contact.

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