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Scott Reynen scott at randomchaos.com
Mon Dec 15 12:37:59 PST 2008

On [Dec 15], at [ Dec 15] 12:54 , Martin McEvoy wrote:

>> To back up my argument, I'll cite the vCard spec (RFC 2426) which  
>> defines the purpose of "UID" as:
>>> To specify a value that represents a globally unique
>>> identifier corresponding to the individual or resource
>>> associated with the vCard.
>> That is, the UID is a unique identifier for the contact, not a  
>> unique identifier for the card.
> Nope you will find that the UID is for the entire vcard....

That seems to directly contradict the RFC as Toby quoted.  Everything  
after this seems to hinge on what UID means, so clearing this up may  
resolve everything else.  What exactly do you mean by "you will  
find"?  Find somewhere other than the RFC?  Find on a different  
reading of the RFC?  I'm not finding that at all in my reading of the  
RFC, which seems to be pretty much the same as Toby's, i.e. the UID is  
for the contact, not the vCard.

I rely on this definition of UID every time I sync my address book.   
Two vCards with the same UID are assumed to be the same contact,  
because the UID identifies the contact.  If UID were for the vCard,  
those two vCards would necessarily have different UIDs and I'd end up  
with duplicate contacts in my address book.


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