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Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Dec 15 16:34:52 PST 2008

Scott Reynen wrote:
> On [Dec 15], at [ Dec 15] 12:54 , Martin McEvoy wrote:
>>> To back up my argument, I'll cite the vCard spec (RFC 2426) which 
>>> defines the purpose of "UID" as:
>>>> To specify a value that represents a globally unique
>>>> identifier corresponding to the individual or resource
>>>> associated with the vCard.
>>> That is, the UID is a unique identifier for the contact, not a 
>>> unique identifier for the card.
>> Nope you will find that the UID is for the entire vcard....
> That seems to directly contradict the RFC as Toby quoted.  Everything 
> after this seems to hinge on what UID means, so clearing this up may 
> resolve everything else.  What exactly do you mean by "you will 
> find"?  Find somewhere other than the RFC?

Hello Scott I don't understand your issue , are you suggesting that a 
hcard may have more than one UID element?

The UID element *is* the Unique Identifier of an entire hcard/vcard


> Find on a different reading of the RFC?  I'm not finding that at all 
> in my reading of the RFC, which seems to be pretty much the same as 
> Toby's, i.e. the UID is for the contact, not the vCard.
> I rely on this definition of UID every time I sync my address book.  
> Two vCards with the same UID are assumed to be the same contact, 
> because the UID identifies the contact.  If UID were for the vCard, 
> those two vCards would necessarily have different UIDs and I'd end up 
> with duplicate contacts in my address book.

Correct, what If I had multiple hcards on a single page for different 
organizations or companies I work for all marked containing uid, every 
@href attribute may be different but all essentially Me, In my address 
book I have multiple contacts for the same person, Don't you?

Anyway you missed my point what I was saying is that no two uid values 
on a page should be the same even if they are for different people, make 
them different somehow.

what I  said about authoritative hcard, I ment representative hcard 
sorry my mistake


Martin McEvoy


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