[uf-discuss] Calais: a POSH project?

Guillaume Lebleu guillaume at lebleu.org
Sat Feb 2 18:39:35 PST 2008

Bob Jonkman wrote:
> Via Techdirt [1] I found an interesting project called OpenCalais [2]. It seems designed to 
> take arbitrary text documents and spit out semantic RDF.  
> There's absolutely no mention of microformats on the OpenCalais web site, but I can see 
> incorporating microformat markup into the output.  And, of course, any effort at making the 
> Web more POSH is A Good Thing.
Bob, thanks for the link, given the RDF output, I would imagine RDFa or 
eRDF would be more straightforward for them to add than microformats.
> The site seems sparse on working code or examples, and I haven't even tried to download the 
> developer package (needs a "developer key" -- not so Open, IMHO)
I gave it a quick try. Seems to me very specific to financial/business 
news, but the roadmap says the 3rd party extensibility to other domains 
will be available later this year.

More: http://lebleu.org/blog/2008/02/02/kicking-the-tires-with-opencalais/


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