[uf-discuss] mediawiki-mark-up-issues

Klaus Mueller m at klml.de
Sun Feb 3 12:43:11 PST 2008

Hi Andy,

thank you for your answers.
>> the overview:
>> http://www.monacomedia.de/muenchenwiki/index.php/M%C3%BCnchen_Wiki:Mikroformat
> The hCalendar events on that page are invalid; they lack "summary" and
> valid "dtstart" properties.

They have no properties, it is a code sniplet for the templates, a real
example is here:

>> an example:
>> http://www.monacomedia.de/muenchenwiki/index.php/Bayerische_Staatsbibliothek
> The hCard on that page is invalid (it has no "fn" property, which
> appears to be an error in the template. I think you will need to sue
> some conditional statements, or provide different templates for
> organisations and venues.
you are right, I should make seperate templates for persons and places.
I saw I can use tel and fax inside "adr", but can i also use email
inside a adr-element?

A "real" example für hCard

>> is this useful for mediawiki-mark-up-issues?
>> http://microformats.org/wiki/mediawiki-mark-up-issues
> Which particular issues do your templates address?
You could easy use some microformats with mediawiki, only building some

merci & greetz

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