[uf-discuss] Auto Discovery of XFN

Robert Mark White markwhite28 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 6 23:40:40 PST 2008

 I have a homepage that I use as my OpenId URL.  I have the url of my
homepage delegated to a OpenId provider.
In the header of that homepage I have setup some auto discovery links in
html.  I believe this aids in the discovery of my information. I really do
want a portable social network but I hope to bypass the need to "scrape" my
information off of a social web site by providing a link as to where the
information I want to provide is already.  
For example,
For purely humorous and historical purposes I have the link below.
<meta name="ICBM" content="39.518869, -104.757254" /> 
The link below I use for auto discovery of my foaf file.
<link rel="media" type="application/rdf+xml" title="FOAF"
href="http://example.com/foaf.xml" /> 
I know this link works as the Semantic Radar add on in Foxfire finds foaf
files all over the net for me.
The link below I use for auto discovery of my avatar/pavatar.
<link rel="pavatar" type="image/jpg"
<link rel="avatar" type="image/jpg"
The link below is the link I use for my vCard/hCard.
<link rel="media" type="text/directory" title="vCard"
href="http://example.com/vcard.html" />
I am only guessing but I am pretty sure that the link about is correct one.
I also have a page on my website with my xfn links but I am unable to figure
out the correct information for the auto discovery of it.
<link rel="media" type="?/xfn" title="XFN"
href="http://example.com/xfn.html" />
Can someone please enlighten me as to the correct values for this type link

Sincerely yours,

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