[uf-discuss] Microformats for Write APIs

gareth rushgrove gareth at morethanseven.net
Tue Feb 19 11:22:59 PST 2008

Their seems to be a little interest in the idea anyhow.

On 2/19/08, John Panzer <jpanzer at acm.org> wrote:
> Thom Shannon wrote:
> >
> >>> Standardisation might be interesting here as well. For instance back
> >>> to blog comments. Comments from within aggregators would likely be
> >>> simpler where comment form definitions can be established
> >>> programmatically.
> >>

> Keeping comments from fragmenting is a worthwhile goal.

Is the best approach here to look at web wide general forms that are
also (or could be) represented by an API or is it best to look
specifically at comments (for instance) whether an API for commenting
is present or not?

I'm going to try and collate some examples and the like together when
I get a chance, starting with the likes of APP, Wordpress, Flickr,
Blogger and the like. Is the best bet to use the microformats wiki in
the first instance or to do this elsewhere until any sort of way
forward is proposed and generally agreed upon?


Gareth Rushgrove

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