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Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 09:03:36 PST 2008

Ryan King wrote:

> It can be resolved by saying that no one has gotten around to specifying
> how the other iCalendar objects would work in hCalendar.

So as not to be perceived as one of those people who complains about 
things rather than doing something to correct them, I've started mapping 
out VTODO, VALARM, VFREEBUSY and the remaining parts of VEVENT on a sub-
page of my user page, here:


The aim being not to change the existing hCalendar, but to document the 
parts which the current spec glosses over.

So far I've added class names for all the properties in iCalendar except 
for those properties used only by the VTIMEZONE and VJOURNAL components. 
(The hcalendar-brainstorming page has comments from Tantek (IIRC) advising 
against using those two components. VTIMEZONE, he says, is horrible -- I 
agree wholeheartedly. hAtom should be used over VJOURNAL -- I'm ambivalent 
about this as hAtom is still a draft whereas hCalendar is at least 
nominally a specification, but as it saves work, I'm leaving it out for 
now too.) There are various other non-property bits and bobs from 
iCalendar that need documenting too -- I'll work on them over the next day 
or two.

If the authors of hcalendar want to copy across parts or the whole of my 
work across to the main spec, then they are free to do so, though I'd 
appreciate being added to the credits. If not, I'll keep working on my 
draft regardless, in the hope that it will form a useful *informative* 
rather than *normative* document for people implementing authoring tools 
and parsers. 

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