AW: Re: [uf-discuss] RFC on hCardMapper script

Gordon Oheim go at
Wed Feb 27 14:12:31 PST 2008

Thank you, Ciaran.

I have updated the script so it picks up the first occurence of a property in any case of multiple occurences. Thanks for the hint.

Cheers, GordonOn Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 11:37 AM, Gordon Oheim <go at> wrote:
>  I have assembled a small script that maps hCards onto form fields. The reason for this was a client job, where I wanted to simplify filling out a contact form. The script uses PrototypeJS and Scriptaculous for the dialogues and the mofo parser on the serverside to fetch remote hCards.

Very impressive, Gordon!

One small comment: It doesn't appear to pick up my 'website' in the
case where there are multiple URL in one hCard.  I believe your best
strategy would be to pick the first HTTP url.

-Ciaran McNulty
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