[uf-discuss] Current state of grouping proposal? A possible solution for hReview?

Xavier Badosa xbadosa at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 05:09:29 PDT 2008

I'm a little confused about the current state of the grouping
proposal. I'm not sure even if the uf-community is working on a
general solution (a microformat for grouping any sort of items) (+1
vote) or a particular solution for some of the existing microformats
(0 votes).

I think some sort of grouping is needed in hReview if we want to
follow the principle of adapting to current behaviors and usage
patterns. Usually, webpages include more than one review for a single
item. To solve this, hReview forces us:

1) to repeat an unnecessary hidden item for every hreview (this
somehow violates the hidden (meta)data principle);


2) to use the include-pattern (empty anchor, accessibility issues).

A grouping mechanism could come to the rescue. Something like:

<div class="hset">
   <h1 class="item"><a href="IMDB_URI" class="fn url">The Godfather II</a></h1>
   <div class="hreview">
      <blockquote class="description">The best!</blockquote>
      <p class="reviewer vcard"><em class="fn">Some guy</em></p>
   <div class="hreview">
      <blockquote class="description">Soooooo good!</blockquote>
      <p class="reviewer vcard"><em class="fn">Enthusiastic girl</em></p>

could be interpreted by a parser that the same item should be
associated with every hreview. In fact, a grouping microformat would
be an alternative (easy to parse) include-pattern mechanism.


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