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Sounds great!  How does it deal with dates commonly found in 
genealogy, such as "ABT 7 July 1950" or "AFT 25 Dec 2000" or "BEF 
Jan 1925"? or even  "ABT 2000 ?


On 3 Jul 2008 at 23:03, Jim O'Donnell wrote:

> Hello,
> This might be of interest to members of this group, as it deals with 
> extracting data from semantic HTML. Prior to this year's Mashed 
> Museum event at the University of Leicester, Dan Zambonini put 
> together a prototype which aggregates data by spidering online museum 
> catalogues: http://hoardit.pbwiki.com/ It's a pretty fantastic demo of
> how information can be extracted from  well-structured HTML, even
> before you think of putting microformats  etc. on top.
> In particular, it does a pretty good job of figuring out when an 
> object was made: http://feeds.boxuk.com/museums/object_100yrs.php The
> date parser is based on some code Dan & I knocked together at  Mashed
> Museum 2007, which  looks at strings like 'late Victorian',  'early
> 20th Century', '4th January 1853' and so on, and converts them  to
> machine-readable ISO dates.
> Our original idea, which we never got round to actually implementing, 
> was that this would be useful as a web service - you give it a 
> string, it gives you a machine-parsable representation of that 
> string. The recent discussion here about dates has made me wonder if 
> such a web service woud be useful for microformats parsers. What do 
> others think?
> Cheers
> Jim
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