[uf-discuss] Using the hReview microformat for journal article reviews

Dave Munger dsmunger at gmail.com
Thu May 15 13:48:27 PDT 2008


I'm new to the whole microformats thing, so excuse me if I'm repeating  
a question. fwiw I didn't find the answer in the FAQ.

I run an aggregator of blog posts about journal articles  
(researchblogging.org). Technically these are all reviews, because the  
blogger is offering her/his opinion about the article. But they're not  
typical of the type of reviews the general public might be familiar  
with (e.g. movies, restaurants). Generally a reviewer of a journal  
article doesn't rate it on a star system -- simply by virtue of  
discussing it a blogger is indicating the article is worthwhile.

That said, occasionally our users do take the opportunity to trash an  
article. I'd expect if we actually used a star rating system all our  
reviews would be either 0 or 5. But I see from the specs that star  
ratings are optional.

We're more interested in using  a microformat to give content tags to  
a post -- is it about biochemistry or astrophysics? While it seems to  
me that hReview can do this, perhaps some other microformat would be  
better suited to our needs. We also considered xFolk, but that seems  
even less relevant to our situation.

Any suggestions? Any reason we *shouldn't* be using hReview?



Dave Munger
dsmunger at gmail.com


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