[uf-discuss] Lets talk about rev?

Jason Karns jason.karns at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 05:21:01 PST 2008

I agree with Martin that it's sad we are unable to take advantage of
this attribute where possible.  The whole idea of completely ignoring
a tiny piece of semantic markup simply because it's often mis-used in
the wild seems misguided to me.  If we (as users of web standards, not
the microformat community) were to use markup as used in the wild, we
would still be stuck with font tags and tables.  The difference is
that we know better and can inform others of its proper use.  I see a
striking resemblance to the use of the address element.  It is quite
often mis-used in the wild to markup any contact information
whatsoever not being limited to contact info for the page.  But with
regards to this element, the community has simply taken the stance of
informing its proper use, not ignoring it completely.  Why not the
same with @rev?


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