[uf-discuss] hCard slowing adoption of microformats?

Toby A Inkster mail at tobyinkster.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 01:57:47 PST 2008

People might be interested in the FOAF+SSL discussions happening on  
the foaf-protocols mailing list at http://lists.foaf-project.org.

The basic idea is to have a public profile and a private profile; the  
public profile contains a link to the private profile, which resides  
on an HTTPS server; access to the private profile is granted only  
after authentication using an SSL client certificate; the client  
certificate itself contains a link to the client's public profile;  
data in the client's public profile can be used by the server to  
determine access rights to the server private profile.

The "FOAF" part of the name comes from the client's public profile,  
which needs to be written in RDF using FOAF+extensions. This doesn't  
necessarily mean RDF/XML - RDFa could be used, or hCard+GRDDL.

If this is something that makes you think "awesome!", then sign up to  
the foaf-protocols mailing list.

Toby A Inkster
<mailto:mail at tobyinkster.co.uk>

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