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Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
Thu Oct 2 02:18:45 PDT 2008

Search monkey provides hcard and I believe hevent directly to the developer.
It's a great use of microformats.

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On 10/1/08, Karsten Januszewski <karstenj at windows.microsoft.com> wrote:
>  What tool or services are out there that index and tabulate Microformats
as such?

--- Both technorati's pingerati and alexa were good sources of data.
Yahoo's search monkey allows you to style search output, but i don't
think the microformatted data is directly exposed.

>  Another question: how do people feel about the use of the word
"Microformat" as a verb or adjective, aka "microformatted content" or "can
you please Microformat that page with an hCard?"

--- that's a good question! I know there has been some effort to make
microformats lower-case 'm' as well.

You might also consider adding that question to the FAQs page, then we
can all work on an answer together


or possibly start a new page

http://microformats.org/wiki/usage (maybe)?

to help describe how to, or how freely you can, and in what context
the term 'microformat' can be used.


brian suda
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