[uf-discuss] Converting mircoformats to Portable Contacts API

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Wed Oct 15 08:31:31 PDT 2008

I have been doing some research work on the new Portable Contacts API[4]
and mircoformats. 

The Portable Contacts API is designed to enable users to securely port
their profile, friend lists or address books from one site to another.
It could be another part of the answer to the password anti-pattern. It
uses a number of pre-existing technologies, with its data structures
based around OpenSocial and vCard, which could create a common access
pattern and contact schema for everyone to use.

I have built a number of interfaces to help evaluate any data loss or
added ambiguity that may occur when converting microformats into the
Portable Contacts API data schema. 

1  hCard to Portable Contacts API demo 
2  hCard-XFN pattern to Portable Contacts API demo 
3  hResume to Portable Contacts API demo
They do not yet provide the querying, sorting and pagination nor the
endpoint URL elements of the specification. It's also worth mentioning
that Portable Contacts API is still in development and these interfaces
are based on the Draft C specification.

May or may not be of interest

Glenn Jones

[1] http://lab.madgex.com/portablecontacts/hcardtopoco.aspx
[2] http://lab.madgex.com/portablecontacts/hcardxfntopoco.aspx
[3] http://lab.madgex.com/portablecontacts/hresumetopoco.aspx
[4] http://portablecontacts.net/

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