[uf-discuss] OpenCalais automates microformatting of content

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 10:59:42 PDT 2008

I actually stumbled upon this from a Google AdSense link, but there's
some interesting stuff going on at http://opencalais.com/.

This project was mentioned back in February and at the time, was
primarily dedicated to adding RDFa output to blog posts. Well, I guess
they saw the light and now have an API that will add microformats to
your blog posts, based on semantic analysis:


It's being powered/sponsored by Reuters, so you can imagine why
they're interested in this (basically being able to remine all the
content they have in all their many news archives and databases).

If you want to get into the good stuff, visit their tools page:


The most interesting projects are:

Calais Marmoset - http://opencalais.com/Crawler
Tagaroo - http://tagaroo.opencalais.com/ (Alex King's CrowdFavorite
contributed to this project)
Gnosis - http://opencalais.com/Gnosis

Now, I haven't really played with the API, and I'm a little wary of
their actual microformats output, but you can get a sense for what
they're doing on this page:


If anything, I think there's some real promise to this approach and
love the idea of being able to automatically microformat content as
it's published to a blog or output from a CMS.

Can anyone take a look at this and give us a sense for how good these tools are?


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