[uf-discuss] Shameless plug for SXSWi microformats related talk

Gavin Bell me at gavinbell.com
Tue Aug 18 03:19:32 PDT 2009

On 18 Aug 2009, at 08:46, "Glenn Jones" <glenn.jones at madgex.com> wrote:

> Hi All
> I have submitted an SXSWi proposal for a microformats related talk.  
> Like
> everyone else I am trying to get some votes on the public panel  
> picker.
> http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/ideas/view/2628
> The idea is to talk about using rel=me and hCard profiles to find and
> explore distributed identity.
> Outline - Distributed Identity: API's of the Semantic Web
> Without much conscious thought, most of us have built identities  
> across
> the web. We fill in profiles, upload photos, videos, reviews and
> bookmarks. This session will explore the practical use of Social Graph
> API and YQL to build new types of user experience combining identity
> discovery and data portability.
> Your help voting this up would much appreciated
> Thanks
> Glenn Jones
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