[uf-discuss] Shameless plug for SXSWi microformats related talk

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Tue Aug 18 00:46:22 PDT 2009

Hi All

I have submitted an SXSWi proposal for a microformats related talk. Like
everyone else I am trying to get some votes on the public panel picker.


The idea is to talk about using rel=me and hCard profiles to find and
explore distributed identity. 

Outline - Distributed Identity: API's of the Semantic Web 
Without much conscious thought, most of us have built identities across
the web. We fill in profiles, upload photos, videos, reviews and
bookmarks. This session will explore the practical use of Social Graph
API and YQL to build new types of user experience combining identity
discovery and data portability.

Your help voting this up would much appreciated 

Glenn Jones

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