[uf-discuss] Google Rich Snippets - testing tool

Kavi Goel kavi at google.com
Wed Aug 26 20:42:29 PDT 2009

Microformats friends,

We have created an early version of a testing tool to allow webmasters
to check that their markup is being correctly parsed by Google for use
in Rich Snippets. Since many of you manage websites with microformats
markup, and since you are likely to be amongst our most well-informed
and opinionated users, we would love to have you try the tool out and
send us suggestions, points of confusion, bugs, or any other general

Testing tool:

A couple points to note up front:
- Currently Rich Snippets supports hCard, hReview, hReview-aggregate,
and hProduct. Other microformats may not be recognized by the tool.
- We don't currently support the include pattern.

We're happy to see comments on this email thread, or feel free to
email Othar, Pravir, and myself directly. Thanks!
Kavi Goel, on behalf of the Rich Snippets team

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