[uf-discuss] hcalendar disjointed Event Information formatting

Aaron aaron.flax at peopletomysite.com
Wed Aug 26 11:39:52 PDT 2009

Thanks Brian,

Basically I was wondering if the way I have written the includes for the
events on that page look to be ok...except for the missing # of course,
which I have fixed.  (Thanks)

Trying to use oomph but running into issues actually getting it to work on
IE, also using the Operator plugin for Firefox.  Are there others you might

Thanks Again!


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On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 2:49 PM, Aaron<aaron.flax at peopletomysite.com> wrote:
> I have marked up this page
> sic.html) to use the include class due to having the event's information
> scattered a few different places on the page.  I'm having issues w/
> Microformat readers not properly identifying the include class to bring
> information together.

--- can you give a list of what you are testing with? some parsers use
the include pattern, some don´t. Some 'replace' the node with
class="include", so make it a child. Knowing what you have tested and
what works and what doesn't could better identify the problem.

Also, some of your data links are missing the # reference, so this
might also by why it isn´t working
<object class="include" data="arnold-classic-finals"></object>

> Also in hcalendar what is the proper use of the category class and the
> rel="tag"?  Can't seem to find a clear description of these.

--- if there is a class="category" (singular) w/o rel-tag, then it
will take the text value. If there is ALSO a rel-tag then it should
take the last portion of the URL.


brian suda

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