[uf-discuss] Marking up properties which reused pre-existing microformat

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Dec 14 15:53:12 PST 2009

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 12:27 PM, Glenn Jones <glenn.jones at madgex.com> wrote:
> One of the problems I am see a lot with hResume is now properties which
> reused pre-existing microformat are mark-up.
> A good example is "education" in hResume which is hCalendar, I believe
> it should be mark-up like so:
> <p class="education vevent">
>        <span class="summary">Bighton Univ</span>
>        (<span class="dtstart">1985</span> - <span
> class="dtend">1988</span>)
> </p>

Yes.  This is an example of the common modular use of a microformat to
provide additional structure to the property value of another

> The education property is a hCalendar and as such the same class
> attribute should carry both "education" and "vevent". I have built my
> parser to look for this type of pattern, but quite a few authors on the
> web are using mark-up like this
> <div class="education">
>        <p class="vevent">
>                <span class="summary">Bighton Univ</span>
>                (<span class="dtstart">1985</span> - <span
> class="dtend">1988</span>)
>        </p>
> </div>

Could you provide URLs to a few of the "quite a few authors" that
you've found doing this, perhaps in the Examples In The Wild section?


If it's a common errant pattern, we should document it as step one of
deciding what to do next.

> Breaking apart the "education" and "vevent" into separate element class
> attributes. Correct if I am wrong but only the first pattern should be
> supported by parsers.

That's correct, per the hResume schema and field details:


"education. optional One or more hcalendar events with the class name
'education', with an embedded hCard indicating the name of school,
address of school etc."

note the distinction between "... events *with* the class name
'education'" and "an *embedded* hCard indicating ... "

The example given in the spec demonstrates an hCalendar event with the
class name 'education':


<ol class="vcalendar">
  <li class="education vevent">
    <a class="url summary" href="http://example.edu/">Preston High School</a>
    (<abbr class="dtstart" title="2001-01-24">2001</abbr> - <abbr
class="dtend" title="2005-05-25">2005</abbr>)

> Either I need to update my parser or the wiki needs some good pointers
> on how properties which reused pre-existing microformat are mark-up.

The above description and example are from the hResume spec on the
wiki - if you have ideas for either improving those examples or more
illustrative examples that would have helped, certainly add
suggestions to the feedback page!


Thanks Glenn,



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