[uf-discuss] Re: Marking up properties which reused pre-existing microformat

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Tue Dec 15 00:35:43 PST 2009

Rafael wrote
> Is it so difficult to parse it this way?

No it's not too hard to parse this type of pattern. The question is it
right to parse this type of pattern or do we tell people not to use it. 

Most authors use the parser as a way of testing weather they have
mark-up something correctly. We need to be careful that we agree how the
parsers should work to keep consistency. 

I think it may be a good pattern to add this pattern IF people are using
it naturally and its implemented uniformly across all the parsers. If
not I think there is case to update the wiki to tell people not to use

Tantek wrote
> Could you provide URLs to a few of the "quite a few authors" that
you've found doing this, perhaps in the 
> Examples In The Wild section?

You are right I do need document a some examples (a job for when I have
a couple of spare hours). That said two of the hosted services have used

Stack Overflow - http://careers.stackoverflow.com/klmr
YIID - http://pfefferle.yiid.com/cv

This worries me because both these authors took time to try and
understand the spec and came up with the same "errant" pattern.

Toby has already added this pattern to Swignition parser because he has
seen it in the wild.


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