[uf-discuss] Problems with comma separated ratings in the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Petersen, Dennis dennis.petersen at computerbild.de
Wed Dec 30 04:56:55 PST 2009


We are currently implementing microformats (hreview, hproduct) on our
site and use the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool to verify them. As
recommend we only use content that is already available on the site and
not hidden divs. Therefore, we have a problem with the actual <value> in
our reviews. It's common in Germany to separate values by comma instead
of the dot used in the US. This leads to a false normalization of the
value by the testing tool:

value (normalized to 5.0 scale) = 2.0
value = 2,75
best = 1
worst = 6
The correct normalization would be:

value (normalized to 5.0 scale) = 3.0
value = 2.75
best = 1
worst = 6

Is there any way to solve this problem without hiding content? 
I suppose that other non-English sites will face the problem when they
use comma separated values.
The same goes for the Date. A normal German date would be 19.11.2009
which is not recognized by the Testing Tool. Instead the American format
is expected which leads to the same problem mentioned above.

I just wanted to add that the testing tool is a great addition for
verifying Microformats implementations. Not to mention Microformats
themselves. I am really looking forward to all the great stuff that you
can do when they are available everywhere.

Thanks for your help and a happy new year

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