[uf-discuss] Is this illegal? 1) dtends for yyyy or yyyy-mm. 2) Wikipedia vevents for birth and death.

JMesserly swarmers at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 12:50:39 PST 2009

1) On wikipedia, we have lots of dates where only years or months are
specified  Eg. the ancient Korean kingdom in this article
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gojoseon  the last year of existence was
108BC.  The precision is year units so judging from the examples for
whole days from the microformats book Brian edited, as well as in the
hcalendar, iCalendar (RFC2445) documents,  the dtend for this date
should be -0107. Similarly, if the battle end date is given as August,
1843 then the dtend should be 1843-09, and if the article says battle
end date is August 19, 1843, then the dtend should be 1843-08-20.
Correct?  (BTW- Consideration was given to postpending something like
December 31, 23:59, (or 24:00), but this sort of practice implies a
precision that simply does exist for any of these historical events. )

2) hCalendar usage for death dates.  Consider article Ceasar Augustus:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:J_JMesserly/demo1.  We are aware of
proposals for dday (death day) addition to hCard.  Some feel vEvent is
perfectly suited to Life events.  My question:  Is the usage of
vevent, dtstart and dtend in this example in any way officially
deprecated  or ruled improper?

Thanks.  As with my previous inquiry to  earlier this month on localities,
this sort of usage on wikipedia is easily corrected in the future
should microformats.org  guidance  on usage for historical data evolve
to contradict the advice given on these two questions today.

-John (User:J JMesserly) at wikipedia and commons.

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