[uf-discuss] Mobile browser with support for microformats

Aleksander Kmetec aleksander.kmetec at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 09:02:20 PST 2009

Thanks, guys. It's great coming home from work and finding such positive reviews.

André Luís wrote:
> On top of the previous comment, I'd add that inserting links *into*
> the page is a bit... bully-ish. Wouldn't it be better to follow the
> Operator or Oomph approach? A bar/icon representing that there is

These links can actually be turned off and all possible actions are always available under a special menu.

I know; I should create a newer video which shows off all the features (the current one is from 10 months ago), but for 
now, here's a screenshot: http://lexandera.com/files/mosembro/menu-and-options.png

> Also, I'm wondering... is this the regular android browser with this
> functionality added on top? Do you have any plan on how to keep this
> browser updated with the future developments on their end?

It's built around the same web component that Android's browser uses, but the UI code is different; although it would 
certainly be possible to extend the standard browser since it's all open source. But for now the plan is to keep the 
code a minimal as possible so it's simple to change.

Hopefully, the idea of supporting microformats in mobile browsers will become popular enough so that someone else does 
all the hard work of adding it to the existing products. ;)


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