[uf-discuss] Re: mf-currency: negative values

Justin Maxwell soc at code404.com
Fri Jul 24 13:15:39 PDT 2009

One note.  There's another option here using generated content in CSS:

<span class="money"><span class="transaction-type" title="debit"><abbr  
class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr><span class="amount">777</span></ 

Where we then specify

.transaction-type[title="debit"] abbr:before {
	content: "-";

To get the desired effect in display (in supported browsers).

On Jul 24, 2009, at 1:10 PM, Justin Maxwell wrote:

> Hi all,
> In reading the wiki pages regarding currency and measure, I'm not  
> finding much info or discussion around the use of negative prefix in  
> currency.  Sometimes it is placed before the currency symbol,  
> sometimes it is placed after.  In other cases the prefix is not used  
> at all and column headers are used to indicate whether the amount is  
> a credit (+) or debit (-).
> Examples of prefix use:
> Chase.com
> <td align="right" style="width:80px;">$-243.76</td>
> Amex.com
> <td class="colAmmount" onclick="fireClick(this, 9)">-172.12</td>
> Mint.com
> <td class="change">–$16</td>
> BofA.com
> <span class="textn2">-$8.06</span>
> What we're initially proposed to do at Mint.com is this:
> <span class="money"><span class="sign">-</span><abbr  
> class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr><span class="amount">777</ 
> span></span>
> defining the attribute "sign".
> In a discussion with Guillaume Lebleu privately, he mentioned that  
> the distinction here is that the amount itself is not positive or  
> negative.  Rather, it is the transaction.  For this, we define it as  
> a credit or debit.  Which could lead us to this:
> <span class="money"><span class="transaction-type" title="debit">-</ 
> span><abbr class="currency" title="USD">$</abbr><span  
> class="amount">777</span></span>
> I'd like to hear some thoughts from the semantic specialists on this  
> list.
> Many thanks,
> Justin

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