[uf-discuss] Re: mf-currency: negative values

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 13:48:13 PDT 2009

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Justin Maxwell<soc at code404.com> wrote:
> One note.  There's another option here using generated content in CSS:
> .transaction-type[title="debit"] abbr:before {
>        content: "-";
> }
> To get the desired effect in display (in supported browsers).

--- I'm still thinking about the other email, but i would discourage
the use of generated content for 2 reasons.

Browsers that don't support it are NOT displaying some pretty
important information!!!

Secondly, i would argue that the "-" sign has semantic value. In lists
the "," is presentational, whereas in -$9.99 the "-" has meaning. It
would be like rending Drop Caps with CSS, then your paragraph would
read "t was a dark and stormy night" rather than "It was ..."

That's my +2 cents,

brian suda

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