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thomas thomas at stray.net
Sun Jul 26 06:47:21 PDT 2009

hi andrew,

maybe you are interested in the "availability" vocabulary that tom  
heath started developing at vocamp ibiza: http://tomheath.com/tmp/availability.ttl


[ “Relational databases? We call those ‘legacy’.” ]

Am 26.07.2009 um 01:42 schrieb Andrew Leer:

>    I was wondering if there was yet a Microformat for a business's  
> hours of operation.  If not, I would like to suggest the discussion  
> of creating one.  I am already aware that there is a MF for events  
> (hCalendar) and perhaps it could be an extension of this so that it  
> could still be read as an hCalendar MF, but that it would have some  
> sort of information linking it to an hCard.
>    It seems to me that the hours of business would be useful when  
> combined with the location of a location-required business like a  
> coffeeshop or eatery.
>    In visiting the website a user could eventually send their  
> location (either by entering it or via location-based-browsing) and  
> based on the estimated time of arrival, the website could tell them  
> if they have enough time to reach the location of the establishment  
> before it closes.
> Thank you,
>     Andrew J. Leer
>     http://www.twitter.com/leeand00/
>     http://leeand00.tiddlyspot.com/
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