[uf-discuss] Hours of Business Micro Format

Andrew Leer leeand00 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 25 16:42:44 PDT 2009

    I was wondering if there was yet a Microformat for a business's hours of operation.  If not, I would like to suggest the discussion of creating one.  I am already aware that there is a MF for events (hCalendar) and perhaps it could be an extension of this so that it could still be read as an hCalendar MF, but that it would have some sort of information linking it to an hCard.

    It seems to me that the hours of business would be useful when combined with the location of a location-required business like a coffeeshop or eatery.

    In visiting the website a user could eventually send their location (either by entering it or via location-based-browsing) and based on the estimated time of arrival, the website could tell them if they have enough time to reach the location of the establishment before it closes.

Thank you,

     Andrew J. Leer


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