[uf-discuss] Multiple vote-links

Bruno Barberi Gnecco bruno at likeorhate.com
Mon Jun 8 14:17:05 PDT 2009

Hi everybody,

	We are using vote-links extensively in our new site (likeorhate.com), and most pages 
have more than one target for voting. Since there's a question in the FAQ related to this:

Q: Is a VoteLink to a page a vote for/against etc. that page, or what that page 

	May I propose that vote-links refer not only to what the page represents, but  to 
what a parent tag represents? We are currently using a markup like this, I hope the 
example makes my idea clear:

<div about="http://likeorhate.com/thing/1/">
	<a rev="vote-for" rel="nofollow" href="...">Like</a>

So a vote inside the div is made to what is in the "about" attribute. We're borrowing 
the "about" keyword from RDF, BTW.

	Forgive me if this has been proposed before; I couldn't find any reference.

	Best regards

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