[uf-discuss] Multiple vote-links

Elli Albek elli at sustainlane.com
Mon Jun 8 20:50:33 PDT 2009

Association is a problem with other Microformats as well. I had similar problem with hreviews, and interestingly proposed the exact solution that you did, container association: Items inside a container belong to it, similar to RDF. In your example the div is the container. It should be identified by a microformat as a containing item.

So you will have to add to the div something that will tell the microformat parser that the link inside belong to it. Just using parent tag is a problem, because it creates strong coupling of the microformat to the HTML. For example, you will not be able to add another div in between to group you actions (lets say for adding a background).

<div about="http://likeorhate.com/thing/1/" class="item">
  <div style="width: 20%; float: right; background-color: yellow; padding: 1em;">
    <a rev="vote-for" rel="nofollow" href="...">Like</a>
    <a rev="vote-against" rel="nofollow" href="...">Don't Like</a>

class=item tells the microformat parser that you are voting on this item.

In case of vote links, Microformats that are allowed to have them should include at least hreview, item, hentry.


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