[uf-discuss] mixing vocabularies

Peter Mika pmika at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Jun 24 23:04:24 PDT 2009

Hi Ben,

> What I posit has happened is that at one point, answers.com marked up 
> the ‘Years Active’ part of that info box with dtstart and dtend.
Yes, but let's assume they had the dtstart, i.e. a valid event and a 
card. Still, having an event named 'Kevin Bacon' is dubious. However, 
they might have gotten the idea that it's ok to do this, because the two 
microformats share the fn property. So they could have thought, why 
repeat it twice?

I would suggest a page that describes precise what combinations of 
microformats are allowed, e.g. that an adr inside hcard is ok, but a 
recipe inside an hresume is not.
> Figuring out ‘the microformat for the page’ is not a consequence of 
> ‘mixing vocabularies’ in this context; that is, overlapping or 
> integrated structures. It's a problem presented when you have multiple 
> objects (of any structured data origin) anywhere in the same page. 
> That's a really interesting problem in itself, but not directly 
> correlated with this one.
You are right, not directly related, although the problem is much less 
acute with RDFa, where the publisher would typically relate all the 
objects on the page so the data forms a single graph. Should have wrote 
a separate email on this problem ;)


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