[uf-discuss] Social Graph Explorer and Identify

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Mon Mar 16 05:03:26 PST 2009

Hi All

I built two new demo's for the Microformats panel at SXSW. The aim was
to try and show the power of rel=me.

Social Graph Explorer
This is a tool which can be used to explorer an individual's combined
web identity across various social network/media sites. It takes a
social network profile URL (i.e. twitter.com/glennjones) and tries to
find out what it can about that individual. Once it has return a
combined web profile you can also drill into some of the public content
that person has published on the web. It makes extensive use of Google's
Social Graph API , microformats, RSS and Atom.

Identify - Firefox extension
Identify is a Firefox extension that combines identities across various
social network/media sites and provides you with a profile about an

Currently Social Graph Explorer is a much more powerful and accurate. It
uses a rule set which includes the hcard-xfn pattern and a extended
version representative hCard idea. Identify uses YQL and needs a little
more work in this area, so you may get false positives. I am going to
keep working on Identify.

Any feedback is most welcome.

Glenn Jones 

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