[uf-discuss] H2VX combines multiple fragment identifiers

Tantek Celik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Nov 9 15:20:40 PST 2009

Bob, try using the UI at http://h2vx.com/ics/ to create the download link - it will escape the # in the URL correctly.


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Subject: [uf-discuss] H2VX combines multiple fragment identifiers

Hi: I have two meetings on a web page, identified with

  <div id="meeting1" class="vevent">

  <div id="meeting2" class="vevent">

I want to use h2vx to create the .ics for only the first meeting:

    Download hCalendar.ics file

But the hCalendar.ics file contains both meetings.

Does H2VX support fragment identifiers?  If not, I'd like to submit a 
feature enhancement request...  I seem to recall successfully doing this 
with Brian Suda's X2V, but not with Technorati's service.

Real-world example is at http://sobac.com/pvgp/


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