[uf-discuss] Concerning the Technorati pipes

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Fri Oct 16 16:24:30 PDT 2009

I've been fielding this question quite a lot over the past few days,  
since the recent Technorati.com redesign appears to have killed the  
landing pages for their contacts and events microformat pipes. I've  
heard from a number of people that they rely on the service and are  
concerned about it.

I don't know what Technorati's plan is for the service, whether they  
are going to remove it, stop supporting it or whether the missing  
landing pages are just a configuration error.

What is known is this:

1. The actual pipes themselves are still live and operational:

   * http://feeds.technorati.com/contacts/http://microformats.org
   * http://feeds.technorati.com/events/http://microformats.org/wiki/events

Those URLs return 404s if you don't include the target URL.

2. For those concerned or with a reliance on Technorati's service:

The Technorati pipes run Brian Suda's awesome, free and open source  
X2V transformer. As well as it running hosted on his personal site (http://suda.co.uk/projects/x2v 
, not recommended for production use—it's a little unfair to use  
Brian's personal site as a service) but you can also SELF-HOST the  
code as part of your own set-up, without any changes to your  

There are also other transformers (Optimus, for example).

So, I hope that provides a little info for people who might be  
concerned. If anyone from Technorati or who has a contact at  
Technorati could get actual clarity on the fate of the service that  
would be great, but the most important thing is that the code is open,  
and I hope the information in this email helps people out in  
maintaining their applications.



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