[uf-discuss] Problem with using class tel

Volvox volvox at poczta.fm
Sun Sep 27 14:20:17 PDT 2009

(sorry for my poor english)
I have question about correct usage of class="tel" in hCard microformat. 
After reading wiki i think it should look like this:
<span class="tel"><span class="type">Cell</span> (061) 99 99 99</div>
But what if i dont want "Cell" word, and i would like diffrent? Do i really 
have to hide this 'type' span and make another before 'tel' with my text?
<span class="numer">kom</span><span class="tel"><span 
class="type">Cell</span>999 999 999</div>
Or maybe anyone got better ideas?

Can you also explain me why telephones in hCard are done so strange? In 
adress, city, zip code and all others hCard elements i have only to add 
proper class name to correct object. Why in telephones there is mandatory 
text in object with class 'type'? Wouldn't be better to make it like this:
<span class="cell">999 999 999</span>
<span class="work">999 999 999</span>
<span class="tel"><span class="cell"></span> 999 999 999</div>
<span class="tel"><span class="work"></span> 999 999 999</div>

In both examples there is no redundant "Cell" or "Work" words, which have to 
be hidden for non-english speaking peoples.


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