[uf-discuss] Trying to learn microformats

Tim's Trees timstrees at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 16 05:59:59 PDT 2010

I came across the following script, but I can not get it to be
recognised as a microformat, by my browsers Chrome and Firefox, with
the normal microformat extensions.

Other microformats I have tried were recognised.

The offending code is

<div class=”vevent” style=”display:none;”>
<a class=”url” href=”http://www.zvents.com/fort-worth-tx/events/show/79634462″></a>
<span class=”summary”>Big Bad Voodoo Daddy</span>
<abbr class=”dtstart” title=”20080309T200000″ />
<abbr class=”dtend” title=”20080309T200000″ />
<span class=”description”>Musical Performance featuring Big Bad Voodoo
<span class=”location vcard” style=”display:none;”>
<a href=”http://www.zvents.com/fort-worth-tx/venues/show/35132″
class=”url fn org” only_path=”false”>Bass Performance Hall</a>
<span class=”adr”>
<span class=”locality”>Fort Worth</span>
<span class=”region”>TX</span>
<span class=”street-address”>4th and Calhoun Streets</span>

I can not see an obvious mistake, so any advice would be appreciated.


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