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Tue Aug 17 00:52:31 PDT 2010


Thank you for your detailed reply.

I had hoped my site would be a comprehensive list of events within a
certain category.

Let us say Craft Fairs and because of the searching I would provide, a
user could select all Craft Fairs in the Cornwall area for the next 12
If each event was an hCalendar, then they could right click to add all
to a Google Calendar and publish that Google Calendar.  If I had hoped
to generate some sort of advertising revenue from my original site,
then this would potentially dilute that income stream.

They could similarly data-scrape the page and reformat and publish,
but that would be more difficult.

So my fear was/is, am I making it too easy to acquire my lists or
should I take it as a compliment and not worry.

I was also looking at doing something similar with hListing for a
classifieds' site.

Many thanks again for your excellent reply.


On 16 August 2010 23:12, Martin McEvoy <martin at weborganics.co.uk> wrote:
>  On 16/08/2010 19:24, Tim's Trees wrote:
>> Thank you all for your full and quick replies.
> You are welcome ....
>> You were right, the
>> original was a complete mismatch of quotes and once I had fixed those
>> it displayed in Chrome and Operator:Firefox. I apologise for not
>> spotting that.
> :)
>> I have noted the urls you have recommended and will investigate those
>> first in future.
>> I am wanting to create an event site and I had the idea, I should have
>> my entries in hCalendar format, but I am now worrying, that it may be
>> too easy to clone my site, with a right click. Do you have any
>> opinions on this ?
> Im a little unsure of what you mean if you mean by cloning perhaps you mean
> spoofing? ( copying a website possibly for fraud such as phishing or
> email-spoofing ) it doesn't really happen *too* much in the real world
> unless your site is a bank or it offers online payments in some way (e.g.
> PayPal),  In which case I wouldn't worry to much about that. Having said all
> that Social Networking sites (Facebook/MySpace) are becoming targets for
> these kind of attacks nowadays.
> If you are worried about people copy and pasting from your website, unless
> its copyrighted material, again don't worry too much, Id take that as a
> compliment, the majority of people who *do* copy and paste tend to be just
> learning. If its for anything else the stuff they are copying will never do
> them any good as far as search engines are concerned because *you* published
> the data *first*. Some search engines (google) will actually remove pages
> that contain duplicate content from their listings,  or it will bury the
> duplicate content so deep in their listings that there is no way anyone will
> ever see it anyway.
> The rule of thumb concerning microformats is, If you use microformats on
> your website you can expect your data to be shared, crawled and Indexed by
> practically anything that can consume microformats, If you don't want this
> to happen, say because your data is private or something sensitive, then
> don't use microformats. Dont let that last part put you off though, sharing
> your data, particularly  events and contact details, *is* a good thing.
> Hope all that helps rest your mind a little.
> Best wishes
> --
> Martin McEvoy

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